Simple things in life

Amble into our cider house and you are hit by the smells and sounds of 500 gallons of pure apple juice gurgling away in ex-whisky barrels. The olfactory bulb in the brain’s limbic system is an area closely associated with memory and feeling. This is why smells can instantly evoke memories and powerful responses. A smell can influence moods and affect work performance and I’m sure this must be why Jim is spending so much time in the cider house recently!! Sampling of course is an essential tool in the fine art of cider making πŸ™‚

Cider making team 2013

Cider making team 2013

Our February lambing ewes have recently been scanned at 185% (an average of 1.85 lambs per ewe). We’re very happy with that result and if you’re booked on one of our lambing courses, looks like you’re going to be busy.

1 blue blob = twins, orange = single, 2 blue blobs = triplets.

1 blue blob = twins, orange = single, 2 blue blobs = triplets.

It was with sadness that after over 150 years of selling livestock, we had the final sales at Abergavenny market earlier this month. A new market has been built out of town and a supermarket is moving into our “market” town. I will certainly miss popping to the shops on market days and indeed the pub!

Last livestock sales in Abergavenny

Last livestock sales in Abergavenny

As we head towards the end of December, it’s time to reflect on the year gone by and think about the new year ahead. Sometimes we moan about trivial things and don’t always appreciate what’s right under our nose. Make sure you value the things that really matter – family, friends and good health.

On a final note, appreciate the wonderful world we live in. Go for a walk, splash in the puddles and have fun.

Kate x

Keep smiling!

Keep smiling!


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